You Reap What You Sow

A phrase that most people are familiar with is “you reap what you sow” - ultimately meaning that you reap the benefits of anything that you put hard work into. This phrase can be true for just about anything you apply yourself to in life, especially hunting and planting food plots.

To some people, hunting is a practice that makes zero sense and seems to be for the sheer sport of having a dead carcass hang on your wall. But to everyone else - hunting is a tradition, a practice of conservation, sportsmanship, and a means of living. To understand this, you have to look past the simple task of pulling the trigger and focus on the work that leads to that moment - what you sow.

Harvesting a trophy animal and putting fresh game on your family's table both require one thing - hard work. If only it was so easy that you could simply walk outside, harvest an animal and carry on with your day but sadly that is not the case. In order to harvest any animal, you must put in hours and even months of work. This work ranges from countless hours scouting areas for game, to planting micro food plots, to continuing to care for your land, and ultimately harvesting your game.

One thing that can help save time with this process is the use of reliable planting equipment such as the Plotmaster. Food plot implements such as the Plotmaster can take a week's worth of planting and turn it into a day's work of planting through new one-pass planting techniques. This allows you to be able to grow richer and healther micro food plots as well as give you more time to tend to your scouting and land preparation. Flourishing micro food plots = flourishing amounts of game and flourishing amounts of wild game = hard work paying off - or in other words “You reap what you sow.