Regina, just wanted to let you know I had some successful hunts over the food plots I created with the ultimate planting machine. One doe, one eleven and a ten pointer, and my son shot an 8 pointer. Thanks for everything this year! I look forward to a solid 2017 with the Plotmaster

John & John Jr. Fair

Mascoutah IL


Our Plotmaster works wonderfully and our wildlife conservation food plot has been very successful -- the deer especially love the area. This is a high quality product that has proven to be worthwhile. We're very happy to have purchased our Plotmaster from you. You can see our food plot here on our blog: http://solarinnovations.com/press-feed/28270-wildlife-conservation-food-plots/ I am happy to send additional images of our food plot via email, if you are interested. Great Product! (2016)

Solar Innovations

Wildlife Conservation Food Plots

Solar Innovations

If you're a beginner at foodplots or a so called professional like me I would have to say the Plotmaster is one of the best tools for wildlife management... I outfit in multiple states... I manage over 100k acres from Nebraska to Tn... I have an outdoor tv show and wildlife management service... my Plotmaster may only come out a couple times a year but when it does its the only tool with just about no limits... get one and try it out it will change the game for you on your farm or farms. (2016)

Rocky and Jamie Burrus

Sweet Addiction TV


"I could not do all the plots I do without my Plotmaster. I got mine sometime in early 2000s. Mine is early version on the 6 foot and this baby has been to hell and back and only the seeder motor and a disc blade has been broken. U can't ask for a better machine to work for u and let u enjoy the pleasure. Try it you'll like it I promise"! (2016)

Virgil Peritts


"I could not believe that planting a food plot could be this easy. Using the 600 this year literally saved me endless hours of discing rolling and planting with only a single pass. I can promise you that, all of my plots will be planted in the future using a Plotmaster." (2015)

Jason JT Harden

Campfire Stories


Too late/dry to plant, but hitched it to my tractor and adjusted it. Tried it out. Very satisfied with the way it performs. everthang on it works like it's supposed to. (2016)

Bill Seawright


I manage wildlife and hunting properties for a living; this is the best all around implement for all the places I have to go. (2016)

Caleb & Shane Butler

Wildlife Habitat Solutions


Hands down the best food plot piece of equipment I have ever used. The past two season we have taken ours to IA, TN, IL, KS, and MO and our plots are done quick, easy, and look great. I recommend their product line to anyone out there looking to get the job done right in half the time. (2016)

Jason JT Harden


FM Media

The Plotmaster is the all around best machine for installing foodplots. Our team has been using these products for over 3 years now and would not go another way. We just leave the tiller in the barn and use our all in one machine to get the job done! Thanks Plotmaster for making my job easier and creating the perfect planting machine! (2016)

Jeremy and Jessica Allen

Appalachian Trophy TV


"I have really enjoyed planting my food plots with my PLOTMASTER unit over the past four years. This past fall I harvested my best buck ever over one of my small food plots which I planted with my PLOTMASTER. Thanks for producing such a GREAT product for small landowners and managers!"

Chris Toth

Southern Nebraska


Blaine and Dave,

This buck was taken last weekend in southern NE and is the bow typical in the state of NE. The guy that took this has been a client of mine for about 4 yrs now, when he bought a plotmaster from me. He's done all his plots with the plotmaster. He shot this buck over a blend that I created 2 yrs ago (Chicory/Small Burnett). You'll see in the pics that this foodplot is grazed down to about nothing. He said he can't keep the deer out of this plot and even as much as it's grazed they just funnel in. Thought it was a good story worth sharing.

Terry J. Sedivec


“I bought a 4 ft. Plotmaster about a year ago from my local Farmer's Co-op. I already had my foodplots in for the fall so it just sat under the shed for a year until last week. I also have a Biologic Tufline harrow. I hooked the harrow to my Polaris Ranger to work up the ground. The dirt was hard and dry from lack of rain this summer. The harrow would barely scratch the dirt.

I added weight in the form of 8 tractor weights and still the harrow would not break the ground. After several passes I was pretty disgusted with my progress. Even though I had never used the Plotmaster, I decided to sit down and watch the video on its operation. After viewing the video I hooked the Plotmaster to my Ranger, added 80 lbs of weight (2 bags of corn) and I was very pleased with the results. Needless to say, I will be using the Plotmaster for all my future foodplots and the Biologic Harrow will be sold. I found the Plotmaster easy to set up and simple to use.”

Leonard Touchton

43 Caldwell Ln.

Kelso, Tn. 37348

What They’re Saying ...

Larry Weishuhn

Larry Weishuhn

'I've spent over 30 years as a wildlife biologist involved in wildlife management programs and whitetail deer research, and have finally found the perfect game management tool,"The PLOTMASTER™

– Larry Weishuhn

"Mr. Whitetail"World Renowned Wildlife Biologist

“I purchased your PLOTMASTER 400 just yesterday. It is so easy to use that my 13-year-old grandson can operate it. We had a great time building a foodplot behind our house to feed deer year round.I can't wait to use it at my hunting club, just to brag to my friends about it. Thanks for a great product to help us NOT SO RICH to be able to build food plots. I’ll tell everyone about it!”

Ervin T. Meads

New Plotmaster Owner

Cowerts, AL

"When I first saw the PLOTMASTER at the Deer Classic, I was skeptical that it would do the job that I wanted it to do. I could tell that it was a well-built machine, but I had some very hard work at mind. After using the PLOTMASTER this past weekend, all doubts are gone. I spent the weekend plowing trails through the woods. When I say through the woods, I don't mean through an old overgrown pasture, I mean woods. I had never plowed or farmed before. The PLOTMASTER performed wonderfully!"

Mike Trenda

First-time Plotmaster Owner

Minnetouba, MN

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

"The PLOTMASTER™ is revolutionizing how and where wildlife plantings can be established and is one of the greatest wildlife management tools ever invented."

– Brian Murphy

Wildlife Biologist and Executive Director of the Quality Deer Management Association

"Take it from me-lightweight discs might be fine for chewing up dead leaves and turning the soft soil of a suburban vegetable garden but they have no place in the deer woods. If you don't believe me, I have an "only used once" model with several broken blades just waiting to find a new owner. There are, however, high-quality ATV implements like the PLOTMASTER that allow you to do most, if not all, of the work in building of a small foodplot."

Dave Maas

Senior Outdoor Writer

North American Hunter

"At Charlane Plantation we have a tradition of stewardship of the land, and we strive to do things the best way. The PLOTMASTER has become a foundation for our wildlife plantings, and is simply the best tool in the world for getting our plots planted right the first time. Like me, the PLOTMASTER ROCKS!"

Chuck Leavell

World Class Keyboardist for the Rolling Stones

Owner of Charlane Plantation


"In the past, you had to learn to be a better hunter to take bigger bucks, but in the future, you've got to learn to be a better FARMER to consistently harvest good bucks. Food plots are changing the way we hunt and manage deer, and the revolutionary all-in-one food plot planting implement, the PLOTMASTER™, is leading the way into an exciting new deer hunting future. The Plotmaster truly is "The Ultimate Food Plot Implement," and anyone serious about improving their deer hunting success needs one in their deer hunting/managing arsenal."

– David Morris

Tecomate Seed Company

Whitetail Author, Publisher & Manager

"It was certainly a privilege to hunt one of your well-managed properties. The foodplots that you had prepared with the PLOTMASTER were some of the best I had ever seen. When I pulled the trigger on the HUGE 240-pound "Plotmaster" buck, it created another unforgettable hunting memory for me. Thanks again for the wonderful experience!"

Brian Hoblick

Trophy Whitetail Hunter

Deleon Springs, FL

"The PLOTMASTER was demonstrated to me on my farm last fall. And even though the ground was as hard as a rock due to dry weather, this piece of equipment had a foodplot finely broken, planted, and smoothly covered in no time at all. I was impressed!"

J. Wayne Fears

Editor for Progressive Farmer Rural Sportsman

"If you are serious about planting and maintaining wildlife openings and do not have access to a tractor and implements or have areas that are not accessible with larger equipment, then the PLOTMASTER is a great piece of equipment to assist you. The PLOTMASTER will help you maintain your favorite hunting spot to provide excellent cover and food for wild turkeys and many other species of wildlife."

Jeff Gainey

National Wild Turkey Federation

Wildlife Biologist

"The PLOTMASTER is the ideal unit for single-pass seeding of small seed such as the various clovers, and the grain drill attachment is easily adjusted to plant soybeans, peas, corn, and other larger seeds. Pull the PLOTMASTER, add a broadcast spreader to the front of your ATV to spread fertilizer and you can take everything you need to the foodplot and do it all with one implement."

Monte Burch

Senior Outdoor Writer

Outdoor Life

"I received my PLOTMASTER a year ago and I have really enjoyed using it to plant my foodplots for wildlife viewing. Even though I am very much a senior citizen, I have found the PLOTMASTER to be very user-friendly and effective. In a recent demonstration for my local county extention agent and county wildlife biologist, I was able to prove that the PLOTMASTER was much more versatile and durable than the standard grain drills which limit you as to where you can plant and the types of seeds you can plant. In fact, they were so impressed that they are considering buying one for the county wildlife association."

Elaine Peters

Wildlife Enthusiast

Lexington, TX

"The beautiful part of the PLOTMASTER is its ability to get way back where a tractor cannot. And this is where those big bucks roam! Deer like isolated spots. Before, if you wanted to plant seed on isolated land, it would take much more work. The PLOTMASTER simplifies the process. We see this unit as an essential addition to a hunting club's arsenal, and equally important to the individual hunter."

Chaz Rice

Associate Editor

ATV Magazine