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Recently named as “The Best on the Farm” product by ATV Magazine, The patented PLOTMASTER™ by Plotmaster Systems LLC. Has an ’ALL-IN-ONE’ implement designed to perform many functions. The PLOTMASTER™ is the perfect tool for sportsmen, homeowners, land managers, gardeners, landscapers, small-acreage farmers and conservationists.


Due to its small, compact design, the PLOTMASTER™ is ideal for planting plots in a variety of settings including "rough, hard-to-get" places such as firebreaks and small openings in planted pines, cut-overs, swamps and forested areas. The PLOTMASTER™ Hunter 300 & 400 models have a one-point hitch, this allows you to operate the PLOTMASTER™ with your atv/utv or 1 point on a garden tractor. In addition, by using the optional 3 point hitch attachment the 300 & 400 models can be used as "tractor only" models. For larger tractors we offer our PLOTMASTER™ 600 & 800 which are three-point hitch “only”.

Our Plotmaster units can effectively plant all types of seeds and seed blends for annual and perennial food plots including clover, alfalfa, chicory, wheat, rye, ryegrass, oats, grain sorghum, corn, soybeans, cowpeas, soybeans, LabLab, vetch, chufa, sunflower, millet, winter peas, turnips, brassicas, rape, kale, triticale, and buckwheat. Our versatile Plotmaster units can also plant all seed blends currently sold by the following seed companies: Whitetail Institute, Mossy Oak Biologic, Pennington, Evolved Habitats, Evolved Harvest, Eagle Seed, Antler King, Tecomate Seed Company and Frigid Forage."


The PLOTMASTER™ can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a tractor or multiple pieces of larger equipment. Food-plots or garden-plots can now be planted in a SINGLE pass using a SINGLE piece of equipment rather than making multiple passes using multiple pieces of equipment. This single pass planting can save an enormous amount of time and money. The transportation of the PLOTMASTER™ to and from the work-site will also require much less time, effort and cost than transporting multiple pieces of equipment.


The PLOTMASTER™ was designed to plant plots or garden plots in even the roughest of environments. The PLOTMASTER™ is made of heavy-duty steel components including sealed bearings and large notched discs. With its heavy-duty design, you can enjoy many years of continued use of the PLOTMASTER™.

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