Plotmaster™ Introduces New Line of Planting Equipment (1999)

Wildlife plot management is no longer a secret! High-quality, year-round food plots have been scientifically proven to significantly increase the quantity and quality of wild game on your property. To grow quality plots you need three key ingredients – superior seed blends, the right equipment and the knowledge to know when, where, and how to use each of these correctly. "This new approach to plots provides all of the necessary ingredients to ensure you have a successful nutritional plot program,” states Burley.

In 1999, Blaine Burley, (Plotmaster Systems President & Inventor) owner of Woods-N-Water Inc, developed a complete line of revolutionary all-in-one food plot planting machines for ATVs and tractors. During his many years in the field, he gained valuable knowledge and experience in food plot management including management of over 5K acres of hunting properties for his hunt/guide service, Woods-N-Water Inc. Blaine has also harvested numerous trophy whitetail deer over small food plots planted with the Plotmaster. Article, "Small Plots for Big Bucks" in the July '16 issue of GON (Georgia Outdoor News)

About Us

Tecomate Seed Company & Plotmaster™ Merge (Tecomate Wildlife Systems-2003)

In 2003, David Morris and Gary Schwarz, co-owners of Tecomate Seed Company, and Blaine Burley, president of Woods-N-Water Products, Inc. and inventor of the Plotmaster™ merged their two companies to form Tecomate Wildlife Systems, LTD. This merger is sure to have a lasting impact on the wildlife management industry and will usher in a new era in plot management with the first of its kind systems approach to managing wildlife food plots. This innovative new approach is known simply as the Tecomate Food Plot System.

Plotmaster Systems, LLC "Present Day" (2008-2016)

Here we are in 2016! Since 2008 we have increased our product lines to include two Series of Plotmaster equipment (Hunter Series & Frontier Series) making a total of (15) additional models to our original (4) PE & PM model line up! We currently distribute (9) Models through John Deere/Frontier Equipment, the Frontier Mulch Finisher (MF2204, MF2204P, MF2206, MF2208) & Frontier Plotmaster (FP2204L, FP2204, FP2204P, FP2206, FP2208). In addition to our Frontier Line, we have Plotmaster's end user line, the Hunter Series (PE-301, PE-402, PM-603, PM-803). With the many models available today there is a Plotmaster to fit most all sizes of ATV's including UTV's, sub-compact tractors all the way up to 100hp tractors!

Partnerships with Plotmaster Systems, LLC

Through the years we have developed many partnerships, most recently we have partnered with LandLeader. Through this partnership Plotmaster has had the opportunity to share our product knowledge with hundreds of thousands of households via RFD-TV, which is owned by LandLeader TV. Included in this partnering was the opportunity to work with Mahindra USA and their products. The "Product Spotlight" segments, featuring the Plotmaster along with the Mahindra products, can be viewed on LandLeader.com.

In addition, we have made several Sponsorship's/Parings with some exceptional individuals and businesses. Just to name a few: Primal Instinct TV, Final Pursuit TV, Buck Obsession, Appalachian Trophy TV, CampFire Stories, F3 Media, Rizen Media,Wildlife Habitat Solutions, Sweet Addiction TV, Whitetail Properties, Mossy Oak Properties, OutDoor Mash, The OutDoor Shopper, Premier Sportsman Guide, Trophy Taker Outdoors. Not to mention the many new Dealer's that now handle our Plotmaster products!


Plotmaster has had many unique opportunities to develop "one of a kind" products for other countries. We produced an Oxen drawn model for use in Kenya, Africa through our contacts at Care.Org. We currently have products in Switzerland doing great work in Permaculture. We also have a distributorship in Brisbane, Australia with QuikCorp, their product line is sold through their subsidiary company, GreenPro OutDoor Services.

Plotmaster in the US & Canada

Our products can be used year round, whether it be gardening in the spring or late summer, spring & fall food plots, establishing firebreaks or maintaining power lines & right-o-ways, all the way to leveling woods roads and driveways. The Plotmaster is low maintenance and extremely user friendly!

Some of the additional applications the Plotmaster is currently being used for are reclamation of land, pipeline reseeding, reseeding of military scrimmage/training areas, NWSG in state parks, universities/colleges for environmental studies & wildlife management, department of transportation for planting wildflowers etc...

So when considering investing in a Plotmaster product, always remember our products are not just limited to food plot planting!