Uses of the plotmaster

Save Valuable Time, Money, and Effort with ONE Piece of Equipment that can do it ALL!

Sportsmen and Conservation Uses:

- Everything you need to make a complete wildlife food plot for hunting, nutrition or wildlife viewing areas

- Planting  Native Warm Season Grasses (NWSG's) for wildlife

- Planting for erosion control projects

- Perfect size for preparing trails and planting along fences and field edges

Small Farming and Gardening Uses:

- Preparing and planting gardens and row crops with row planter

- Deep tillage with Moldboard Plow attachment

- Planting all types of Cover Crops 

Equestrian Uses:

- Riding Rink Maintenance 

     *Break up hard, compacted soils

     *Drag, level, and smooth for improved footing for horses

- Grass Planting & Pasture Reseeding

     *VERSA-Seeder is perfect for small and/or fluffy grass seeds

     *Periodic over-seeding of pastures

     *Erosion Control and pasture aeration

Forestry Uses:

- Prepare and maintain logging roads and accesses

- Prepare and level hard, compacted landings

- Decrease erosion and plant for wildlife in wooded areas 

- Increase land value by establishing wildlife food plots in wooded areas 

- Fits great between narrow tree rows to clear out unwanted weeds/trees and maintain plots without damaging trees

- Prepare firebreaks for controlled burns

Landscaping and Construction Uses:

- Rake stones, roots and other debris from fresh building lot

- Level out contours and ruts left from construction

- Prepare smooth, soft seed beds for laying sod and/or grass reseeding

- Roll and compact fresh laid sod 

- Planting grass seed and/or wild flowers

- GREAT for small areas and/or lots

Vineyards and Orchard Uses:

- Perfect size for planting bug attracting crops between rows to deter bugs from damaging trees

- Maintain roadways and trails 

- Easily plant wildlife mixtures to keep wild game from eating cash crops

Local Government Uses:

- Cultivate and plant with grasses and/or wild flowers for aesthetically pleasing areas

- Prepare, maintain, and drag ball fields

- Plant or over-seed with minimal tillage

- Interstate median wild flower plantings

- Perfect size for low disturbance fire break maintenance and fire control

- Can be used to establish Native Warm Season Grasses (NWSG's) for erosion control