Why Choose Plotmaster?

The PLOTMASTER ™ is the perfect management tool for today’s sportsmen, ranchers, landscapers, small/hobby farmers and land managers who want to plant plots and manage their recreational properties effectively. Because of its compact design, it is ideal for planting wildlife micro food plots in a variety of settings, including rough hard-to-get-to places such as firebreaks, utility right-of-ways, and small forest openings. Its compact design also allows you to reach remote, isolated areas without damaging trees and/or your equipment. The PLOTMASTER ™ is also great for maintaining roadways and planting grasses/wild flowers along highways and interstates.

As part of its complete food plot system, Plotmaster Systems, LLC. offers a full line of high-quality equipment to help you plant and maintain both your large and micro food plots. The all-in-one PLOTMASTER ™ line of equipment provides today’s wildlife managers an easy and cost-effective way of planting and maintaining wildlife food plots.

The PLOTMASTER’s ™ patented design allows you to disc, plow, plant, cover and cultipack all at the same time, thus saving you an enormous amount of time, money and effort. PLOTMASTER ™ currently offers a variety of models, including small atv-sized implements up to large tractor-sized implements. Whether you want to plant a small ¼-acre harvest plot or a large 20- acre management plot, we have the right food plot equipment and planting machines to meet your needs. With the PLOTMASTER ™, you are no longer limited to when, where and how you plant wildlife plots.

Wildlife plot management is no longer a secret! High-quality, year-round food plots have been scientifically proven to significantly increase the quantity and quality of wild game on your property. To grow quality plots you need three key ingredients – superior seed blends, the right equipment and the knowledge to know when, where, and how to use each of these correctly. This new approach to plots provides all of the necessary ingredients to ensure you have a successful nutritional plot program.

The PLOTMASTER ™ with its revolutionary new one-pass planting process saves an enormous amount of time, money, and effort in planting NWSGs (Native Warm Season Grasses) and food plots for wildlife. Unlike many of the custom NWSG drills or other equipment that is currently being used for planting NWSGs (Native Warm Season Grasses), the PLOTMASTER ™ can plant all types of seed and seed blends both efficiently and effectively, and has many other applications like reclamation projects, CRP plantings, roadside re-vegetation, wildlife habitat restoration, wildlife food plots, wildflower roadside and median planting, DNR projects, NRCS projects, pasture over-seeding, restoration projects, wetland restoration, landscaping, garden plots, vineyard/orchard work, erosion control and other soil/land preparation applications.