From seed to table - How Food Plots can Provide for Your Family

You might have heard the phrase “from farm to table” as a new and popular trend now adays. It’s crazy that a “trend” has been an important way of life for many people for years prior. Providing for ones family by means of harvesting both animals as well as forage from the ground is a tradition that has been lost in many parts of the country. However, for many people, it is still a way of life. Being able to harvest an animal and bring it from farm to table goes much further than just pulling the trigger. It all starts, in my opinion, with the seed. Therefore, it should more commonly be referred to as “from seed to table.” Starting with the seed means you must have well established micro food plots as well as reliable food plot implements. It is very important to create these micro food plots with a healthy game management strategy in place as well as focuign on the three key ingredients that you will want to incorporate into your decision. These ingredients are 1) nearby water source, 2) nearby game trails and funnels; and 3) habitat that offers some cover. Another key factor is to always remember that Harvesting a trophy animal and putting fresh game on your family's table both require one thing - hard work. If only it was so easy that you could simply walk outside, harvest an animal and carry on with your day but sadly that is not the case. In order to harvest any animal, you must put in hours and even months of work. This work ranges from countless hours scouting areas for game, to planting micro food plots, to continuing to care for your land, and ultimately harvesting your game. Ultimately with a little hard work and the correct food plot planter, such as a Plotmaster, you can successfully bring food to your own familys table straight from the seed. Munch on that next time you’re at the grocery looking at overpriced meat.