Choosing the Right Area for a Food Plot

Planting small / micro food plots can be a tedious task. However, with the use of top tier food plot implements such as The Plotmaster, planting a food plot can be easy as 1 2 3. One of the biggest tasks you face when making and planting micro food plots is “where do I put my food plot?” Theoretically, you can plant a micro food plot wherever you deem fit. However, there are three key ingredients that you will want to incorporate into your decision. These ingredients are 1) nearby water source, 2) nearby game trails and funnels; and 3) habitat that offers some cover.

Focusing on ingredient number one - a water source. It is important that you have a water source nearby for two main reasons in my opinion - a common area for deer and other animals to drink and eat from as well as a way to supply your soil with the hydration necessary to produce forages.

Focusing on ingredient number two - nearby game trails and funnels. Nearby game trails and funnels are crucial to have a good micro food plot because you are able to target long used travel paths of multiple animals by providing them with a new and close by food source.

Lastly, ingredient number three - habitat with cover. It is important to have an area that animals such as deer feel safe to walk out in. By selecting an area rich in cover or by planting barrier walls - this will offer a blanket of security to the animal and ultimately increase your odds of a trophy deer stepping onto your micro food plot.

Taking what you have learned here and applying it to your properties will be the differenece between night and day when it comes to selecting the proper area for a micro food plot. Add in the bonus usage of proper food plot implements, such as The Plotmaster, and you will have a secret haven that your friends, hunters and other liars will envy for years to come.