A quick run down on year round food plots - what are they and how do they work?

Year round micro food plots are a great option when seeking to offer deer and other wildlife a reliable and nutritious food source on a 12 month basis. Having a food plot that is constantly supporting your wildlife year round deters them from ever leaving your property and seeking nutrition on neighboring lands. The best part about planting a year round food plot is that anyone can do it - you don’t need to be a hardcore planter. All you need is a good food plot planter and some tillage equipment and you can have a gorgeous plot in just a few steps that will last you an entire year.

Planting a year round crop in the fall provides nutrition for your game as early as that same fall and will last the entirety of the year. This provides food for your deer, turkey, ducks, hogs or whatever game you may have on your land. It also takes a load off of your back and prevents the tedious work of planting new food plots every season. With a little bit of hard work and the capabilities of a Plotmaster Food Plot Planter, you can go from planting plots multiple times a year to planting plots that last ALL year.

When planting a year round food plot you will want to test your soils to check pH levels and figure out what grows best in your area. After addressing these issues, you will want to get a good mixture of warm and cool season crops. Having a seed blend like this will ensure that you target certain nutrients in both your fall/winter crops as well as your spring/summer crops. Some good crops to look at would be perennial crops such as alfalfa and clovers or oat and wheat crops, and even brassicas such as radishes and turnips. All of these crops can be easily planted with a plotmaster food plot planter as well.