7 Easy Steps to "One Pass" Food Plot Success!

By Melanie Walker

1. Take Soil Test for ph levels (5.5 - 6.5 ph)

  • (The soil test needs to be done approx. 4 months prior to planting)

2. Applying Lime

  • (If using Ag Lime spread Approx. 3 months prior to planting or for Pelletized Lime 1-2 months)

3. Disk Lime into Soil with PM

  • This will get the lime deep into the soil

4. Mow Plot

  • (Approx. 1 month prior to planting)

5. Spray Plot with Round-Up, rate of 2 quarts per acre

  • (Spray 1 week after mowing / 3 weeks prior to planting to kill any new growth).

  • Note: Let vegetation die and become brittle before planting

6. Apply Fertilizer, just before planting, with Spreader

  • A front end spreader can be used an fertilizer cut in at the same time as planting with the PM

  • This can also be done with a pull behind atv spreader then cut in as you plant

7. One-Pass Planting with PM (Disc, Seed, Cover, and Cultipack).

  • Note: Do not plant until sufficient moisture in plot.


This plot was planted using the "7 Step Process" and was a "One Pass" plant.