20th Anniversary - Plotmaster Systems

By Ragavi Ganesh


Wrightsville, GA, October 15, 2019: In 1995 after spending 12 years in the United States Air Force, Blaine Burley along with his wife Conni Burley returned to Conni’s hometown of Wrightsville, Georgia to start their civilian lives. Right away, they went to work starting Woods-N-Water, Blaine’s fishing and hunting guide service. It wasn’t long before Blaine began to realize that he needed something more efficient to plant his food plots.

With Blaine’s background in wildlife management and engineering that he received at the Air Force Academy, he began to develop a piece of equipment that would allow him to plow, plant, and cover his food plots with a single piece of equipment. Starting with a prototype that was built in their backyard, Blaine and Conni started Plotmaster Systems in 1999. One year later, Blaine received a design patent for his new invention, The Plotmaster – “The Ultimate Plot Planting Machine”.

This all in one tillage and planting unit would allow hunters and land managers to plant and maintain their food plots in a cost effective and efficient manner for the first time. No more hauling multiple implements to the track of land or losing precious moisture making multiple passes. With The Plotmaster, users could now disk, plow, seed, cover, and cultipack their food plots in a single pass using their ATV, UTV, or tractor.

Over the next twenty years Plotmaster underwent many changes as a company and has even undergone a few changes to improve the original design. The original manual lift has been replaced with an electric lift, the patented versa seeder was added in addition to other changes to make the unit as dependable and affordable as possible. The Plotmaster is now also available in a 3 foot and 4 foot unit that can be used with an ATV/UTV in addition to the 6 foot and 8 foot tractor units.

Originally, Plotmaster was being built in Wrightsville using several vendors for parts including Easter Seals then for a very short time it was produced overseas. After just 8 months, it quickly became apparent that having the unit built in the United States was the only option for quality production, so production was moved back to the states in 2008. The Hunter Line and ProLine Plotmaster are now being built by their manufacturing partner in Alabama.

Although the original Plotmaster was built strictly to plant food plots, over the past 10-12 years the uses for this all in one product have grown. Customers have found that it works well for plowing fire breaks, leveling roads, planting grasses for grazing, planting wildflowers, and even vegetable gardens.

Through the years, Plotmaster Systems has sold thousands of Plotmster units throughout the US and abroad including Africa, Scotland, Austrialia, New Zealand, and Central America. They have also partnered with many different companies including Mossy Oak, Sportsmans Guide, Tecomate Seed and John Deere. Today, Blaine and Conni still own the business and are proud to say that The Plotmaster is built in the USA and not only can The Hunter Line Plotmaster be purchased thru the Plotmaster office in Wrightsville, Georgia or in Michigan from Morgan Composting, but The Pro Line Plotmaster is also available thru your local John Deere dealer.

After twenty years, Plotmaster is still the most efficient food plot planting equipment on the market and the company is looking forward to many more years of helping hunters, landowners, and wildlife managers plant food plots for wildlife as well as the many other uses that it has been used for by its diverse customer base. Plotmaster Systems is currently developing other innovative land management products that will be added to their Plotmaster line of products in 2020.